Surrey Wide Towing


We are a Tow truck service in Surrey and Langley and our job is to assist our clients out of a situation while providing minimum hassle and complete security for them and their automobiles. We provide multiple services that are aimed at facilitating automobile dysfunctions. Once you contact our service a tow service dispatcher will be on their way to you. You will be asked about the major troubles, possible reasons, and of course your location so that a team of professionals may arrive at your disposal equipped with everything you need.

With the increasing number of automobiles on the road, the novice driver runs into more and more trouble on their daily errands. In some areas driving out of your garage and getting to the general store is hardly as easy as it once used to be. We’re a service that makes it easier for drivers in need of help. Blocked by a double parker in the parking lot, have an engine malfunction in the middle of the road, or simply got into a situation you have no idea how to get out of? We are a call away.



We are a reliable company for the Roadside rescue service. For 28 years we have provided professional and reliable recovering, towing, and roadside service. Employing exceptional experience, brand new techniques, and state-of-the-art equipment we make sure that we are one of the first emergency contact numbers on our customer’s contact list.

Our Advantages

Professional Services

Our tow trucks in Langley and in surrey provide professional transportation and recovery service. We offer vehicle delivery, breakdown recovery, and repossession  services that suffice any emergency situation.


Our aim is to make our customers feel completely secure, no matter what unfortunate situation they run into our aim is to make sure we offer reliable aid to them.

Expert Team

Our reliable team of professionals carries not just state-of-the-art tools and equipment for transportation and recovery but also offers exceptional skills and experience in the industry.


We take pride in our transparent information system that efficiently relays the information to the tow truck drivers so they can quickly come to your rescue.

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